Yai Surname

To understand more about the Yai surname is always to learn about the individuals who probably share typical origins and ancestors. That is among the factors why its normal that the Yai surname is more represented in a single or more nations associated with globe than in other people. Here you can find out by which countries of the planet there are many more people with the surname Yai.

The surname Yai in the globe

Globalization has meant that surnames spread far beyond their country of origin, so that it is achievable to get African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. Exactly the same takes place when it comes to Yai, which as you are able to corroborate, it can be stated that it is a surname that may be found in a lot of the nations associated with the globe. In the same way there are countries by which truly the density of men and women aided by the surname Yai is more than far away.

The map for the Yai surname

View Yai surname map

The possibility of examining for a globe map about which countries hold more Yai on the planet, helps us plenty. By putting ourselves in the map, on a concrete country, we are able to understand tangible number of people aided by the surname Yai, to acquire in this way the precise information of all Yai you could currently find in that nation. All of this also assists us to know not just where the surname Yai originates from, but also in what way the folks that are originally area of the family members that bears the surname Yai have moved and moved. Just as, you can see by which places they will have settled and developed, which explains why if Yai is our surname, it appears interesting to which other nations of this globe it's possible that one of our ancestors once relocated to.

Nations with more Yai on the planet

  1. South Sudan South Sudan (6341)
  2. Sudan Sudan (2800)
  3. Benin Benin (1642)
  4. Ivory Coast Ivory Coast (1268)
  5. Cambodia Cambodia (1155)
  6. Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (1127)
  7. Cameroon Cameroon (1053)
  8. India India (924)
  9. Indonesia Indonesia (376)
  10. Japan Japan (300)
  11. Nigeria Nigeria (134)
  12. United States United States (85)
  13. Malaysia Malaysia (64)
  14. Pakistan Pakistan (54)
  15. Brazil Brazil (50)
  16. Democratic Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo (48)
  17. Solomon Islands Solomon Islands (46)
  18. Thailand Thailand (46)
  19. Taiwan Taiwan (28)
  20. Burkina Faso Burkina Faso (20)
  21. Ethiopia Ethiopia (16)
  22. Kenya Kenya (16)
  23. Afghanistan Afghanistan (14)
  24. Australia Australia (9)
  25. Uganda Uganda (9)
  26. Liberia Liberia (7)
  27. Peru Peru (7)
  28. Niger Niger (5)
  29. Canada Canada (4)
  30. Cape Verde Cape Verde (4)
  31. China China (3)
  32. England England (3)
  33. France France (2)
  34. Mauritania Mauritania (1)
  35. Mexico Mexico (1)
  36. Argentina Argentina (1)
  37. Singapore Singapore (1)
  38. Chad Chad (1)
  39. Colombia Colombia (1)
  40. Cuba Cuba (1)
  41. Tanzania Tanzania (1)
  42. Germany Germany (1)
  43. Egypt Egypt (1)
  44. Spain Spain (1)
  45. Fiji Fiji (1)
  46. Iran Iran (1)
  47. Italy Italy (1)

If you think of it carefully, at apellidos.de we provide everything required so that you can have the real information of which countries have the best amount of people with all the surname Yai into the entire world. Furthermore, you can view them in a really visual way on our map, in which the nations because of the greatest amount of people using the surname Yai is seen painted in a more powerful tone. In this way, and with a single look, it is possible to locate in which nations Yai is a very common surname, and in which countries Yai is an uncommon or non-existent surname.

Over time, the surname Yai has undergone some changes in its spelling or pronunciation.

Errors in writing, voluntary changes by the bearers, modifications for language reasons... There are many reasons why the surname Yai may have undergone changes or modifications, and from those modifications, surnames similar to Yai may have appeared, as we can see.

  1. Ya
  2. Yah
  3. Yahi
  4. Yao
  5. Yau
  6. Yaw
  7. Yi
  8. Yui
  9. Yaa
  10. Yawi
  11. Yayi
  12. Yahia
  13. Yaou
  14. Yaya
  15. Yaye
  16. Ye
  17. Yea
  18. Yeaw
  19. Yee
  20. Yeh
  21. Yeo
  22. Yew
  23. Yih
  24. Yiu
  25. Yo
  26. Yoe
  27. Yoh
  28. Yoo
  29. You
  30. Yow
  31. Yu
  32. Yue
  33. Yuh
  34. Y
  35. Yia
  36. Yiyi
  37. Yawo
  38. Yio
  39. Yuu
  40. Yohai