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You have reached the website where you can find the main surnames of all the countries in the world. In we have compiled updated statistical information on all the surnames in the world in order to offer you information on the 200 most abundant surnames in each of the countries of the world. We encourage you to have fun tracking the different countries and see for yourself which are those countries where your surname is abundant, or on the contrary, if your surname is a scarce commodity in your country or in other countries of the world.

How many people have my last name?

You may have wondered on many occasions how many people carry your same last name around the world, perhaps you heard a last name that caught your attention because it was exotic, or you have a friend who enjoys bragging about his last name for some reason. Here you will be able to check the relevance that this surname has in the different countries of the world, and if it really is an unusual surname or if, on the contrary, it is an abundant surname in some country of the earth.

Our last names say a lot about us, as they speak about our origins. For that reason, if we know in which country or countries we can find a greater number of people with our same surname, it is a way of knowing with which country or countries there are more possibilities that there are people with whom we share some ancestor in common. Of course it is always important to know how surnames are transmitted in different parts of the world, since not in all countries or cultures the transmission of a surname is done in the same way.

In which countries is my surname present?

There have also been different historical periods in which surnames were not given in the same way as today. The origins of surnames is something fascinating that many people have been interested in studying. Whatever the case, nowadays, your surname is as much or more a part of you than your own name, in fact it is the conjunction of both that allows your identification. So it is natural and very humane to want to know more about your last name and the last names of people who are important to you, and knowing in which countries those last names are among the most popular, is really relevant information.

Your Last Name around the World

On the other hand, if you are a curious person with a desire to know, you may want to know which are the most used surnames in each of the countries of the world just by knowing. Curiosity defines us as human beings and it is the beginning of any science, so you are in luck because in this page you will be able to satisfy that healthy curiosity to know which are the main surnames of all the countries. It is possible that you will find surprises, with surnames that you had never heard before and with others that are unpronounceable. It is normal, in the world we are about 7684 million people, so logically there are more chances that you find yourself with surnames that you do not know than with surnames that you have heard in some occasion. Although good, that could serve to organize some kind of game with friends. It can also be very useful if you are a writer or scriptwriter, and you need to find a last name for one of your characters that defines it by nationality without having to be explicit with that nationality, at least for starters. Do you realize how useful it can be to have at hand the main last names of everyone? I'm sure you can think of many other ways to take advantage of the information we provide, so don't hesitate and keep on surfing in search of the most important surnames in the world at