Wunder Surname

To know more about the Wunder surname is to learn more about the people who probably share typical origins and ancestors. That is amongst the reasoned explanations why it's normal that the Wunder surname is more represented in one or higher nations of the globe compared to others. Right Here you will find down by which countries of the world there are more people who have the surname Wunder.

The surname Wunder into the globe

Globalization has meant that surnames spread far beyond their country of origin, such that it is possible to get African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. The exact same happens in the case of Wunder, which as you can corroborate, it may be said it is a surname that can be present in all of the countries associated with the world. Just as you will find countries by which truly the thickness of men and women with the surname Wunder is higher than far away.

The map associated with the Wunder surname

View Wunder surname map

The likelihood of examining on a world map about which countries hold a greater number of Wunder in the world, helps us a whole lot. By placing ourselves in the map, on a tangible country, we can understand concrete amount of people with the surname Wunder, to obtain in this manner the precise information of all the Wunder that one may currently get in that nation. All this also helps us to understand not just where the surname Wunder arises from, but also in what way the people who're originally the main family that bears the surname Wunder have relocated and moved. In the same manner, you can see by which places they have settled and grown up, which is the reason why if Wunder is our surname, it seems interesting to which other nations for the world it will be possible this one of our ancestors once moved to.

Nations with additional Wunder worldwide

  1. Germany Germany (3469)
  2. United States United States (3455)
  3. Brazil Brazil (458)
  4. Canada Canada (275)
  5. Austria Austria (218)
  6. Bolivia Bolivia (190)
  7. Argentina Argentina (40)
  8. Hungary Hungary (37)
  9. Australia Australia (32)
  10. Sweden Sweden (32)
  11. Switzerland Switzerland (30)
  12. Russia Russia (29)
  13. England England (17)
  14. Peru Peru (11)
  15. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (10)
  16. Poland Poland (8)
  17. Chile Chile (8)
  18. France France (7)
  19. New Zealand New Zealand (6)
  20. Paraguay Paraguay (6)
  21. Spain Spain (6)
  22. Scotland Scotland (5)
  23. Morocco Morocco (4)
  24. Czech Republic Czech Republic (4)
  25. South Africa South Africa (4)
  26. Israel Israel (4)
  27. Mexico Mexico (3)
  28. El Salvador El Salvador (2)
  29. Algeria Algeria (2)
  30. Liberia Liberia (1)
  31. Luxembourg Luxembourg (1)
  32. Norway Norway (1)
  33. Panama Panama (1)
  34. Philippines Philippines (1)
  35. Belarus Belarus (1)
  36. Portugal Portugal (1)
  37. Romania Romania (1)
  38. China China (1)
  39. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (1)
  40. Slovakia Slovakia (1)
  41. Denmark Denmark (1)
  42. Fiji Fiji (1)
  43. Greece Greece (1)
  44. Guatemala Guatemala (1)
  45. Italy Italy (1)
  46. Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan (1)
  47. Liechtenstein Liechtenstein (1)

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Not all surnames similar to the surname Wunder are related to it. Sometimes it is possible to find surnames similar to Wunder that have a different origin and meaning.

  1. Wander
  2. Wender
  3. Winder
  4. Wonder
  5. Wynder
  6. Wuender
  7. Wandera
  8. Wanders
  9. Wenter
  10. Winderl
  11. Winders
  12. Winter
  13. Wonders
  14. Wunderle
  15. Wunderly
  16. Wynter
  17. Weender
  18. Wandur
  19. Wandert
  20. Wunderse
  21. Wonter
  22. Wanderer
  23. Wandrei
  24. Wandres
  25. Wandrey
  26. Wanters
  27. Wantur
  28. Wendorf
  29. Wintere
  30. Winters
  31. Winther
  32. Wonderly
  33. Wondra
  34. Wontor
  35. Wunderlin
  36. Wundrow
  37. Wynters
  38. Wantier
  39. Whinter
  40. Wundram