Sabater Surname

To know more about the Sabater surname is always to know more about individuals who probably share typical origins and ancestors. That is amongst the reasons why it is normal that the Sabater surname is more represented in a single or more countries associated with the world compared to other people. Here you'll find out in which countries of the world there are many people with the surname Sabater.

The surname Sabater within the world

Globalization has meant that surnames spread far beyond their nation of origin, so that it is possible to find African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. The same happens in the case of Sabater, which as you're able to corroborate, it can be said that it is a surname that may be present in the majority of the countries for the world. In the same way there are countries by which certainly the density of individuals aided by the surname Sabater is greater than in other countries.

The map associated with the Sabater surname

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The chance of examining on a globe map about which countries hold more Sabater on the planet, assists us a lot. By placing ourselves in the map, on a tangible nation, we can start to see the tangible amount of people with all the surname Sabater, to have in this manner the precise information of all the Sabater as you are able to presently get in that country. All this also helps us to know not merely where the surname Sabater originates from, but also in what way the folks who're originally part of the household that bears the surname Sabater have moved and moved. In the same way, you'll be able to see in which places they have settled and grown up, which is the reason why if Sabater is our surname, it seems interesting to which other nations of this world it will be possible that certain of our ancestors once moved to.

Nations with more Sabater on the planet

  1. Spain Spain (7155)
  2. Philippines Philippines (3259)
  3. United States United States (1056)
  4. France France (623)
  5. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic (454)
  6. Argentina Argentina (426)
  7. Cuba Cuba (237)
  8. Brazil Brazil (108)
  9. Mexico Mexico (80)
  10. Venezuela Venezuela (56)
  11. Canada Canada (39)
  12. Costa Rica Costa Rica (35)
  13. United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (30)
  14. Chile Chile (28)
  15. England England (18)
  16. Germany Germany (17)
  17. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico (16)
  18. Switzerland Switzerland (14)
  19. Andorra Andorra (10)
  20. Ecuador Ecuador (10)
  21. Belgium Belgium (8)
  22. Australia Australia (6)
  23. Italy Italy (5)
  24. Uruguay Uruguay (5)
  25. Singapore Singapore (4)
  26. El Salvador El Salvador (4)
  27. Scotland Scotland (4)
  28. Peru Peru (3)
  29. China China (3)
  30. Luxembourg Luxembourg (2)
  31. Panama Panama (2)
  32. Thailand Thailand (2)
  33. Ireland Ireland (1)
  34. Kuwait Kuwait (1)
  35. Nigeria Nigeria (1)
  36. Netherlands Netherlands (1)
  37. Angola Angola (1)
  38. Austria Austria (1)
  39. Paraguay Paraguay (1)
  40. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (1)
  41. Sweden Sweden (1)
  42. Ivory Coast Ivory Coast (1)
  43. Colombia Colombia (1)
  44. Denmark Denmark (1)
  45. Greece Greece (1)
  46. Honduras Honduras (1)
  47. Indonesia Indonesia (1)

In the event that you consider it very carefully, at we offer you all you need to enable you to have the real data of which nations have actually the greatest number of people with all the surname Sabater within the entire world. Furthermore, you can view them really visual method on our map, in which the nations utilizing the highest amount of people with all the surname Sabater is seen painted in a more powerful tone. In this way, along with an individual glance, you can easily locate in which countries Sabater is a common surname, and in which nations Sabater can be an uncommon or non-existent surname.

The fact that there was no unified spelling for the surname Sabater when the first surnames were formed allows us to find many surnames similar to Sabater.

  1. Sabatier
  2. Sabador
  3. Sapatera
  4. Sabattier
  5. Sabathier
  6. Savatier
  7. Savatteri
  8. Scepter
  9. Septer
  10. Shafter
  11. Shapter
  12. Shifter
  13. Spader
  14. Spatar
  15. Spetter
  16. Shabatura
  17. Siveter
  18. Siviter
  19. Saabedra
  20. Saavedra
  21. Sabedra
  22. Safdar
  23. Safitri
  24. Saputra
  25. Saputro
  26. Sayavedra
  27. Schaffter
  28. Schefter
  29. Schifter
  30. Spaeder
  31. Spataro
  32. Spataru
  33. Spiteri
  34. Septur
  35. Spider
  36. Savadori
  37. Sabaturski
  38. Spatari
  39. Spaterna
  40. Sibeteris