Obradovic Surname

To understand more about the Obradovic surname would be to learn about the individuals whom probably share typical origins and ancestors. That is among the reasons why it's normal that the Obradovic surname is more represented in one single or even more nations associated with the globe than in other people. Here you'll find down in which countries of the planet there are more people who have the surname Obradovic.

The surname Obradovic in the world

Globalization has meant that surnames spread far beyond their nation of origin, so that it is possible to get African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. Similar occurs when it comes to Obradovic, which as you can corroborate, it can be stated it is a surname that may be present in all of the countries of this world. In the same manner you can find nations in which certainly the thickness of men and women with the surname Obradovic is higher than in other countries.

The map for the Obradovic surname

View Obradovic surname map

The likelihood of examining on a globe map about which countries hold more Obradovic on the planet, assists us a lot. By putting ourselves in the map, for a concrete country, we are able to begin to see the tangible number of people because of the surname Obradovic, to have in this way the particular information of all the Obradovic that one can presently find in that nation. All this also assists us to understand not merely in which the surname Obradovic originates from, but also in what manner the people that are initially the main household that bears the surname Obradovic have relocated and relocated. In the same way, you'll be able to see by which places they have settled and developed, which is why if Obradovic is our surname, this indicates interesting to which other nations regarding the world it's possible that one of our ancestors once relocated to.

Nations with additional Obradovic worldwide

  1. Austria Austria (596)
  2. United States United States (513)
  3. Germany Germany (284)
  4. Canada Canada (219)
  5. Sweden Sweden (156)
  6. Australia Australia (138)
  7. Switzerland Switzerland (130)
  8. England England (94)
  9. France France (61)
  10. Greece Greece (57)
  11. Netherlands Netherlands (38)
  12. Italy Italy (36)
  13. Serbia Serbia (26)
  14. Wales Wales (25)
  15. Denmark Denmark (19)
  16. Malta Malta (18)
  17. Norway Norway (16)
  18. New Zealand New Zealand (16)
  19. Brazil Brazil (13)
  20. United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (9)
  21. Argentina Argentina (7)
  22. Russia Russia (7)
  23. Croatia Croatia (7)
  24. Spain Spain (5)
  25. Kosovo Kosovo (5)
  26. Finland Finland (4)
  27. Faroe Islands Faroe Islands (4)
  28. Peru Peru (3)
  29. Czech Republic Czech Republic (3)
  30. Poland Poland (2)
  31. Belgium Belgium (2)
  32. China China (2)
  33. Iceland Iceland (2)
  34. Oman Oman (1)
  35. Portugal Portugal (1)
  36. Qatar Qatar (1)
  37. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (1)
  38. Chile Chile (1)
  39. Singapore Singapore (1)
  40. Cape Verde Cape Verde (1)
  41. Slovakia Slovakia (1)
  42. Cyprus Cyprus (1)
  43. Sierra Leone Sierra Leone (1)
  44. Turkey Turkey (1)
  45. Ukraine Ukraine (1)
  46. South Africa South Africa (1)
  47. Hungary Hungary (1)
  48. Indonesia Indonesia (1)
  49. Ireland Ireland (1)

If you view it carefully, at apellidos.de we give you all you need to enable you to have the actual data of which countries have the greatest amount of people because of the surname Obradovic in the whole globe. More over, you can view them really graphic method on our map, in which the countries aided by the greatest amount of people aided by the surname Obradovic can be seen painted in a more powerful tone. In this manner, sufficient reason for just one glance, you can easily locate by which nations Obradovic is a common surname, plus in which countries Obradovic can be an uncommon or non-existent surname.

The fact that there was no unified spelling for the surname Obradovic when the first surnames were formed allows us to find many surnames similar to Obradovic.

Not all surnames similar to the surname Obradovic are related to it. Sometimes it is possible to find surnames similar to Obradovic that have a different origin and meaning.

Errors in writing, voluntary changes by the bearers, modifications for language reasons... There are many reasons why the surname Obradovic may have undergone changes or modifications, and from those modifications, surnames similar to Obradovic may have appeared, as we can see.

Discerning whether the surname Obradovic or any of the surnames similar to Obradovic came first is not always easy. There are many reasons that could have led to the surname Obradovic being written or pronounced differently, giving rise to a new, different surname Obradovic with a common root.

  1. Obradovi
  2. Obradovich
  3. Obradović
  4. Obrado
  5. Obrador
  6. Obradors
  7. Obrados
  8. Obrady
  9. O'bradain
  10. Oberdick
  11. Oberdorf
  12. Oberdorff
  13. Obretin
  14. Ofretorio
  15. Operador
  16. Ofredo
  17. Oberdier
  18. Oberding
  19. Oberdorfer
  20. Oberti
  21. Obertin
  22. Oberto
  23. Oberton
  24. Offredi
  25. Overdorf
  26. Overdorff
  27. Obberti
  28. Obertis
  29. Oberda
  30. Obertone
  31. Obbard
  32. Owbridge
  33. Oubridge
  34. Obert
  35. Oberteufer
  36. Oberting
  37. Oberts
  38. Offord
  39. Offredl
  40. Operti