Nagra Surname

To understand more about the Nagra surname is to learn about the people who probably share typical origins and ancestors. That is amongst the reasons why it is normal that the Nagra surname is more represented in a single or even more nations of the world compared to other people. Right Here you'll find down by which countries of the world there are more people with the surname Nagra.

The surname Nagra within the world

Globalization has meant that surnames spread far beyond their country of origin, so that it can be done to get African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. Exactly the same takes place in the case of Nagra, which as you're able to corroborate, it can be stated that it is a surname that can be found in a lot of the countries associated with the world. In the same way there are countries in which certainly the density of individuals with all the surname Nagra is greater than far away.

The map associated with Nagra surname

View Nagra surname map

The possibility of examining on a world map about which nations hold more Nagra in the world, assists us a great deal. By placing ourselves on the map, on a tangible nation, we could see the concrete number of people utilizing the surname Nagra, to acquire in this way the precise information of the many Nagra you could presently get in that country. All of this also assists us to know not only where the surname Nagra arises from, but also in what way individuals who are initially area of the family that bears the surname Nagra have moved and relocated. In the same manner, you'll be able to see in which places they've settled and grown up, and that's why if Nagra is our surname, it appears interesting to which other countries associated with the globe it is possible that one of our ancestors once moved to.

Countries with more Nagra worldwide

  1. India India (1708)
  2. England England (1462)
  3. Canada Canada (1207)
  4. Pakistan Pakistan (803)
  5. United States United States (739)
  6. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (276)
  7. Indonesia Indonesia (111)
  8. United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (87)
  9. Australia Australia (64)
  10. New Zealand New Zealand (36)
  11. Nothern Ireland Nothern Ireland (33)
  12. Germany Germany (19)
  13. Mauritania Mauritania (15)
  14. Thailand Thailand (10)
  15. Qatar Qatar (9)
  16. Sweden Sweden (8)
  17. Norway Norway (6)
  18. Oman Oman (6)
  19. Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda (6)
  20. South Africa South Africa (5)
  21. Denmark Denmark (4)
  22. Italy Italy (4)
  23. Ukraine Ukraine (3)
  24. Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (2)
  25. Philippines Philippines (2)
  26. Scotland Scotland (2)
  27. Wales Wales (2)
  28. Afghanistan Afghanistan (1)
  29. Poland Poland (1)
  30. Belgium Belgium (1)
  31. Bahrain Bahrain (1)
  32. Singapore Singapore (1)
  33. Brazil Brazil (1)
  34. Tunisia Tunisia (1)
  35. China China (1)
  36. Turkey Turkey (1)
  37. Uganda Uganda (1)
  38. Estonia Estonia (1)
  39. Spain Spain (1)
  40. France France (1)
  41. Ireland Ireland (1)
  42. South Korea South Korea (1)
  43. Malaysia Malaysia (1)
  44. Nigeria Nigeria (1)
  45. Netherlands Netherlands (1)

In the event that you consider it carefully, at we present all you need to be able to have the actual information of which nations have the highest amount of people aided by the surname Nagra within the whole world. Furthermore, you can see them in a really visual way on our map, in which the nations utilizing the highest number of people with the surname Nagra is seen painted in a stronger tone. In this way, sufficient reason for just one look, you can easily locate in which countries Nagra is a very common surname, plus in which countries Nagra is an unusual or non-existent surname.

It is common to find surnames similar to Nagra. This is because many times the surname Nagra has undergone mutations.

Not all surnames similar to the surname Nagra are related to it. Sometimes it is possible to find surnames similar to Nagra that have a different origin and meaning.

  1. Nagera
  2. Negra
  3. Nigra
  4. Nugra
  5. Nasra
  6. Nagro
  7. Nagre
  8. Nazra
  9. Nagora
  10. Nagar
  11. Nager
  12. Naggar
  13. Nagore
  14. Nagori
  15. Najara
  16. Najera
  17. Nasr
  18. Nasri
  19. Naxera
  20. Nazara
  21. Negara
  22. Negrao
  23. Negrau
  24. Negre
  25. Negrea
  26. Negri
  27. Negro
  28. Negru
  29. Negura
  30. Nigri
  31. Nigro
  32. Nogara
  33. Nasira
  34. Nazira
  35. Nacera
  36. Nacira
  37. Nasera
  38. Nacre
  39. Nogura
  40. Nigry