Isakov Surname

To learn more about the Isakov surname is always to learn about individuals who probably share common origins and ancestors. That is among the explanations why it's normal that the Isakov surname is more represented in one single or even more nations for the world than in others. Here you will find out by which nations of the world there are many more people with the surname Isakov.

The surname Isakov into the globe

Globalization has meant that surnames spread far beyond their nation of origin, such that it can be done to find African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. Similar occurs when it comes to Isakov, which as you're able to corroborate, it may be stated that it's a surname that can be found in a lot of the countries of this world. In the same manner you can find nations in which certainly the thickness of individuals with all the surname Isakov is greater than far away.

The map of this Isakov surname

View Isakov surname map

The chance of examining for a world map about which countries hold a greater number of Isakov in the world, assists us a whole lot. By placing ourselves regarding the map, for a concrete country, we could start to see the tangible amount of people because of the surname Isakov, to have in this manner the precise information of all Isakov as you are able to presently get in that nation. All of this additionally helps us to comprehend not only where the surname Isakov arises from, but also in what manner the folks that are initially area of the household that bears the surname Isakov have relocated and relocated. In the same way, it is possible to see in which places they have settled and developed, which explains why if Isakov is our surname, it seems interesting to which other nations associated with world it is possible that one of our ancestors once relocated to.

Nations with additional Isakov in the world

  1. Russia Russia (30649)
  2. Uzbekistan Uzbekistan (20458)
  3. Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan (10768)
  4. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (6908)
  5. Israel Israel (2928)
  6. Ukraine Ukraine (2291)
  7. Tajikistan Tajikistan (2064)
  8. Turkmenistan Turkmenistan (1879)
  9. Serbia Serbia (1314)
  10. Belarus Belarus (1195)
  11. United States United States (573)
  12. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan (428)
  13. Bulgaria Bulgaria (214)
  14. Macedonia Macedonia (91)
  15. Canada Canada (85)
  16. Transnistria Transnistria (46)
  17. Germany Germany (42)
  18. Armenia Armenia (33)
  19. Lebanon Lebanon (28)
  20. Estonia Estonia (27)
  21. Moldova Moldova (26)
  22. Spain Spain (26)
  23. Finland Finland (24)
  24. England England (19)
  25. Australia Australia (16)
  26. Montenegro Montenegro (11)
  27. Georgia Georgia (11)
  28. Sweden Sweden (10)
  29. Croatia Croatia (7)
  30. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina (6)
  31. Kuwait Kuwait (4)
  32. Portugal Portugal (4)
  33. Denmark Denmark (4)
  34. Greece Greece (4)
  35. Switzerland Switzerland (3)
  36. Austria Austria (2)
  37. Belgium Belgium (2)
  38. France France (2)
  39. Italy Italy (1)
  40. Lithuania Lithuania (1)
  41. Latvia Latvia (1)
  42. Mexico Mexico (1)
  43. Malaysia Malaysia (1)
  44. Netherlands Netherlands (1)
  45. Peru Peru (1)
  46. China China (1)
  47. Philippines Philippines (1)
  48. Czech Republic Czech Republic (1)
  49. Qatar Qatar (1)
  50. Singapore Singapore (1)
  51. Tunisia Tunisia (1)
  52. Abkhazia Abkhazia (1)
  53. Turkey Turkey (1)
  54. Indonesia Indonesia (1)
  55. South Africa South Africa (1)
  56. India India (1)
  57. Iceland Iceland (1)

In the event that you consider it carefully, at we give you everything required in order to have the true data of which countries have actually the best number of people with all the surname Isakov into the whole globe. More over, you can view them in a really graphic method on our map, in which the nations aided by the greatest number of people with the surname Isakov is seen painted in a stronger tone. In this manner, along with a single glance, you can easily locate by which nations Isakov is a common surname, plus in which nations Isakov is definitely an unusual or non-existent surname.

It is common to find surnames similar to Isakov. This is because many times the surname Isakov has undergone mutations.

The fact that there was no unified spelling for the surname Isakov when the first surnames were formed allows us to find many surnames similar to Isakov.

  1. Isakova
  2. Iskakov
  3. Isacov
  4. Isaqov
  5. Ishkov
  6. Issakov
  7. Izakov
  8. Isakovic
  9. Iskakova
  10. Iskhakov
  11. Isaqova
  12. Issacov
  13. Izhakov
  14. Isakovics
  15. Isaković
  16. Isacoff
  17. Issacof
  18. Issacoff
  19. Isakovitch
  20. Isasbiribil
  21. Icazbalceta