Bergan Surname

To understand more about the Bergan surname would be to learn more about the people who probably share common origins and ancestors. That is one of the reasons why its normal that the Bergan surname is more represented in one single or more nations associated with the world compared to others. Right Here you can find out by which countries of the world there are many more people who have the surname Bergan.

The surname Bergan in the globe

Globalization has meant that surnames distribute far beyond their country of origin, so that it is possible to get African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. Exactly the same takes place in the case of Bergan, which as you can corroborate, it can be said that it is a surname that can be found in the majority of the nations regarding the globe. In the same manner you can find countries by which certainly the thickness of individuals aided by the surname Bergan is higher than far away.

The map associated with the Bergan surname

View Bergan surname map

The possibility of examining on a world map about which countries hold a greater number of Bergan on earth, helps us a whole lot. By placing ourselves regarding the map, for a tangible nation, we can understand concrete number of people with all the surname Bergan, to obtain in this way the precise information of all the Bergan that one can presently get in that nation. All of this also assists us to understand not just where the surname Bergan comes from, but also in excatly what way the people who are originally part of the family members that bears the surname Bergan have moved and relocated. In the same manner, you are able to see in which places they will have settled and grown up, which explains why if Bergan is our surname, it appears interesting to which other nations associated with world it is possible this 1 of our ancestors once relocated to.

Nations with more Bergan worldwide

  1. United States United States (2496)
  2. Norway Norway (1425)
  3. Australia Australia (196)
  4. England England (89)
  5. Brazil Brazil (72)
  6. Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis (69)
  7. France France (62)
  8. Canada Canada (45)
  9. Germany Germany (41)
  10. Russia Russia (40)
  11. Sweden Sweden (21)
  12. Iran Iran (20)
  13. Moldova Moldova (15)
  14. Denmark Denmark (13)
  15. Ukraine Ukraine (13)
  16. U.S. Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands (12)
  17. Pakistan Pakistan (9)
  18. Wales Wales (9)
  19. Argentina Argentina (5)
  20. South Africa South Africa (5)
  21. Italy Italy (5)
  22. Nigeria Nigeria (4)
  23. Mexico Mexico (2)
  24. Netherlands Netherlands (2)
  25. Philippines Philippines (2)
  26. Poland Poland (2)
  27. Algeria Algeria (2)
  28. Croatia Croatia (2)
  29. Ireland Ireland (2)
  30. Montenegro Montenegro (1)
  31. Saint Martin Saint Martin (1)
  32. Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (1)
  33. Colombia Colombia (1)
  34. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic (1)
  35. Singapore Singapore (1)
  36. Spain Spain (1)
  37. Finland Finland (1)
  38. British Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands (1)
  39. Vietnam Vietnam (1)
  40. Greece Greece (1)
  41. Jamaica Jamaica (1)
  42. Japan Japan (1)
  43. Kuwait Kuwait (1)
  44. Lebanon Lebanon (1)
  45. Latvia Latvia (1)
  46. Morocco Morocco (1)

In the event that you look at it very carefully, at we provide you with everything you need so that you can have the true information of which countries have the best amount of people utilizing the surname Bergan in the whole world. More over, you can view them in a very visual way on our map, in which the nations using the highest number of individuals with the surname Bergan can be seen painted in a more powerful tone. This way, and with an individual look, you can easily locate in which countries Bergan is a very common surname, as well as in which nations Bergan is an uncommon or non-existent surname.

It is common to find surnames similar to Bergan. This is because many times the surname Bergan has undergone mutations.

Not all surnames similar to the surname Bergan are related to it. Sometimes it is possible to find surnames similar to Bergan that have a different origin and meaning.

  1. Bargan
  2. Beregan
  3. Bergant
  4. Bergen
  5. Bergin
  6. Bergman
  7. Bergon
  8. Berigan
  9. Berkan
  10. Borgan
  11. Burgan
  12. Berzan
  13. Bergano
  14. Bersan
  15. Bergans
  16. Berjan
  17. Baragan
  18. Barcan
  19. Bargans
  20. Bargen
  21. Bargman
  22. Barkan
  23. Barsan
  24. Bercean
  25. Bercian
  26. Bercin
  27. Bergami
  28. Bergamin
  29. Bergamo
  30. Bergante
  31. Berganza
  32. Berganzo
  33. Bergeman
  34. Bergene
  35. Bergeon
  36. Bergm
  37. Bergmann
  38. Bergmans
  39. Bergne
  40. Bergsman