Abrenica Surname

To know more about the Abrenica surname is to know more about the folks who probably share common origins and ancestors. That is among the reasons why it really is normal that the Abrenica surname is more represented in one single or maybe more countries associated with the world than in others. Here you can find out by which nations of the planet there are more people who have the surname Abrenica.

The surname Abrenica in the world

Globalization has meant that surnames distribute far beyond their country of origin, such that it can be done to find African surnames in Europe or Indian surnames in Oceania. Exactly the same occurs in the case of Abrenica, which as you can corroborate, it can be stated that it is a surname that can be present in most of the countries of this world. Just as there are nations by which truly the density of individuals with all the surname Abrenica is greater than far away.

The map of this Abrenica surname

View Abrenica surname map

The chance of examining on a world map about which nations hold a greater number of Abrenica on earth, helps us a great deal. By putting ourselves on the map, for a concrete nation, we can understand concrete number of people with the surname Abrenica, to acquire in this manner the particular information of all Abrenica that one can currently get in that country. All this also assists us to know not only in which the surname Abrenica arises from, but also in what way the individuals who are initially the main family that bears the surname Abrenica have moved and moved. In the same way, you are able to see by which places they've settled and developed, and that's why if Abrenica is our surname, it seems interesting to which other nations for the world it will be possible this 1 of our ancestors once moved to.

Countries with additional Abrenica worldwide

  1. Philippines Philippines (7372)
  2. United States United States (359)
  3. Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (237)
  4. Canada Canada (47)
  5. Qatar Qatar (32)
  6. United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates (30)
  7. Spain Spain (12)
  8. Guam Guam (8)
  9. Denmark Denmark (7)
  10. England England (6)
  11. Singapore Singapore (4)
  12. Australia Australia (3)
  13. Taiwan Taiwan (2)
  14. Italy Italy (2)
  15. Malaysia Malaysia (2)
  16. Thailand Thailand (1)
  17. Scotland Scotland (1)
  18. Greece Greece (1)
  19. Iceland Iceland (1)
  20. Kuwait Kuwait (1)
  21. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (1)
  22. Norway Norway (1)
  23. Oman Oman (1)

If you view it very carefully, at apellidos.de we give you everything required to be able to have the real data of which nations have actually the highest number of individuals with the surname Abrenica into the whole world. Furthermore, you can view them in a very graphic way on our map, in which the countries using the highest amount of people aided by the surname Abrenica is visible painted in a stronger tone. This way, sufficient reason for a single look, you can easily locate by which nations Abrenica is a common surname, and in which countries Abrenica can be an uncommon or non-existent surname.

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