Sahrawian Surnames

If you're here, it's because you've decided to look up the 300 most common surnames in Western Sahara. Surely you've heard of some Sahrawian surnames, but you may be surprised to see surnames in this list that you didn't know were so common in a country like Western Sahara. In this list we have totally updated statistical information about the most common surnames among Sahrawians, so if you are looking for information about whether your surname would stand out in Western Sahara, we warn you that if it is not in this list, yes, your surname would be something uncommon in Sahrawian lands . However, if your surname appears among these 300 surnames, we are afraid that you will have to stand out for other qualities, as you will be quite common as far as surnames for Sahrawians are concerned

The most common Sahrawian surnames

Did you know all these surnames from Western Sahara?

If you look, next to each surname in this list you will find a number. That number is the number of people who carry that surname in Western Sahara. Of course it is the official number given according to the latest statistics made in Western Sahara, and they take into account not Sahrawians, but people who currently live in the country. So it is possible that you may find in Western Sahara a surname that you know perfectly well is not a Sahrawian surname, that may help you get an idea of how many people from the same country from which that surname originates have emigrated to Western Sahara and have settled there.

Having information about surnames helps us to have information about our history, but also about the history of the different countries. Knowing which surnames are most abundant in Western Sahara at the moment helps us to take a snapshot of the country's current reality. In this way, and crossing these data we have about the current Sahrawian surnames with the most abundant Sahrawian surnames one hundred or two hundred years ago, we could get an idea of how Sahrawian society has changed and the level of impact that migration may have had in a country like Western Sahara.

Similarly, it is interesting to try to discover what the current data are on the most used surnames in the countries neighbouring Western Sahara, and whether they have any surnames in common or if, on the contrary, the coincidences are minimal or non-existent. In this way we can guess what kind of relations Western Sahara has with its neighboring countries, and whether there has been mobility between the countries or not. As you can see, a few simple statistics on surnames in Western Sahara can provide much more information than may appear at first glance.

Have you been surprised by any of these Sahrawian Last names?

What do you think? Have you already seen in this list of 300 surnames from Western Sahara any that have caught your attention? Have you missed any surname that you thought was very common in Western Sahara, and yet it has turned out not to be on the list? If you keep searching in other countries you will surely find that surname that you thought was Sahrawian and that turns out to be more common in another country than Western Sahara. Sometimes the data surprises us, but that is what encourages us to want to know more about surnames and the reasons why the 300 most common Sahrawian surnames are the ones presented in this list, and not others. We encourage you to continue your research.